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•Bahan Jamin Tebal
•Pasaran byk yg tipis ya

Iphone 6 (MC)
Iphone 7 (M Slide)
Iphone 8 (M Slide)
Iphone 6+
Iphone 6+ (MC)
Iphone X/XS (M Slide)
Iphone XS (MC)
Iphone XS Max (MC)
Iphone XR
Iphone XR (MC)
Iphone XR (M Slide)
Iphone 11
Iphone 11 Pro
Iphone 11 Pro (MC)
Iphone 11 Pro Max
Iphone 12mini (M Slide)
Iphone 12
Iphone 12 6.1 (MC)
Iphone 12 Pro
Iphone 12 Pro (MC)
Iphone 12 Pro Max
Iphone 12 Pro Max (MC)
Iphone 13
Iphone 13 (MC)
Iphone 13 Pro
Iphone 13 Pro (MC)
Iphone 13 Pro Max
Iphone 13 Pro Max (MC)
Iphone 14
Iphone 14+
Iphone 14 Pro
Sam A3 2016
Sam A3 2017
Sam A5 2016
Sam A5 2017
Sam A7 2016
Sam A7 2017
Sam A7 2018
Sam A8 2018
Sam A8+
Sam J1 2016
Sam J1 Ace
Sam J2 prime
Sam J2 prime (M Slide)
Sam J2
Sam J2 (MC)
Sam J2 Core
Sam J3
Sam J3 2016
Sam J4
Sam J4+ (MC)
Sam J5
Sam J5 2016
Sam J5 prime
Sam J6
Sam J6+ (MC)
Sam J7 pro
Sam J7
Sam J7 (MC)
Sam J7+
Sam J7 2016
Sam J7 2017
Sam J7 prime
Sam J7 prime (M Slide)
Sam A2 Core
Sam A02S
Sam A02S (MC)
Sam A03
Sam A03 (MC)
Sam A03S (M Slide)
Sam A03 Core
Sam A03 Core (MC)
Sam A04
Sam A04 (MC)
Sam A04S
Sam A05🔥🔥
Sam A05S🔥🔥
Sam A21
Sam A21S
Sam A10 black
Sam A20/A30 black
Sam A13 4G
Sam A13 (MC)
Sam A14 5G black
Sam A14 (MC)
Sam A24 5G
Sam A34 5G
Sam A34 (MC)
Sam A54 5G
Sam A54 (MC)
Sam A20S
Sam A20S (MC)
Sam A30S (MC)
Sam A22 4G
Sam A22 5G
Sam A22 4G (MC)
Sam A22 4G (M Slide)
Sam A22 5G (MC)
Sam A22 5G (M Slide)
Sam A31 2020
Sam A50 (MC)
Sam A50 (M Slide)
Sam A70
Sam A51 4G
Sam A71 4G
Sam A32 4G
Sam A32 4G (MC)
Sam A32 5G (M Slide)
Sam A52 4G
Sam A52 (MC)
Sam A72 4G
Sam A72 5G (M Slot Card)
Sam A23 (MC)
Sam A23 (M Slide)
Sam A23 4G
Sam A33 5G
Sam A33 (MC)
Sam A53 5G
Sam A53 (MC)
Sam A73 5G
Sam A73 (Mc)
Sam M01S
Sam S8
Sam S8+
Sam S9
Sam S9+
Sam S20
Sam S20+
Sam S20+ (MC)
Sam S20 Ultra
Sam S21 Ultra
Sam S22
Sam S22 (MC)
Sam S22+
Sam S22+ (MC)
Sam S22 Ultra
Sam S22 Ultra (MC)
Sam S23
Sam S23+
Sam S23 Ultra
Sam Note 8
Sam Note 9
Sam Note 10
Sam Note 20
Sam Note 20 Ultra
Oppo A16K (MC)
Oppo A3S black
Oppo A5S black
Oppo A52
Oppo A92
Oppo A55 5G
Oppo A55 5G (M Slide)
Oppo A74 4G
Oppo A33 Neo7
Oppo A37 Neo9 black
Oppo A37 (MC)
Oppo A57 4G 2022 (MC)
Oppo A36/A76
Oppo A36/A76 (MC)
Oppo A71
Oppo A83 black
Oppo A18🔥
Oppo A38 4G🔥
Oppo A58 4G🔥
Oppo A58 5G
Oppo A58 (MC)
Oppo A74 (MC)
Oppo A78 5G
Oppo A76/A96
Oppo A76/A96 (MC)
Oppo F1s black
Oppo F1S (MC)
Oppo F5
Oppo F7
Oppo F7 (MC)
Oppo F9 black
Oppo F11
Oppo F11 pro
Find X5
Find X5 pro
Realme 5 pro
Realme 6
Realme 6 pro
Realme 8 pro (M Slide)
Realme 9i
Realme 9 pro
Realme 9 pro+
Realme 10 4G black
Realme 10 5G
Realme 10 pro 5G
Realme 10 pro+ 5G black
Realme 11
Realme 11 pro
Realme C3
Realme C11 2021 (M Slide)
Realme C20 (M Slide)
Realme C21Y (M Slide)
Realme C21Y (MC)
Realme C21Y
Realme C25 (M Slide)
Realme C25S (M Slide)
Realme C31
Realme C35 black
Realme C51🔥
Realme C53 black
Realme C55
Realme C55 (MC)
Narzo 50i
Narzo 50A
Reno 2Z/2F
Reno 4
Reno 4 5G
Reno 4 pro
Reno 5
Reno 5 (MC)
Reno 5 (M Slide)
Reno 5 pro
Reno 6 5G
Reno 6 (MC)
Reno 6 (M Slide)
Reno 6 pro 5G
Reno 6 pro (M Slide)
Reno 7 4G (MC)
Reno 7Z
Reno 7Z (MC)
Reno 7 5G
Reno 7 pro
Reno 8 4G
Reno 8 5G
Reno 8 pro
Reno 8T 4G
Reno 8Z black
Reno 10 5G🔥
Reno 10 pro 5G🔥
Reno 10 pro+ 5G🔥
Vivo Y02 black
Vivo Y15S (M Slide)
Vivo Y16 black
Vivo Y12/Y15/Y17 black
Vivo Y17 (MC)
Vivo Y17S🔥🔥
Vivo Y20 black
Vivo Y20 (MC)
Vivo Y22 (MC)
Vivo Y27 4G
Vivo Y27 5G=Y36 5G
Vivo Y33
Vivo Y35
Vivo Y36 4G
Vivo Y36 5G
Vivo Y31 2021 (M Slide)
Vivo Y51 2021 (M Slide)
Vivo Y51 (MC)
Vivo Y51
Vivo Y51 2020
Vivo Y55 5G
Vivo Y52 (M Slide)
Vivo Y72 (M Slide)
Vivo Y71
Vivo Y75
Vivo Y83
Vivo Y83 (MC)
Vivo Y91
Vivo V11
Vivo V11i
Vivo V11i (MC)
Vivo V11 Pro
Vivo V15 (MC)
Vivo V15 pro
Vivo V15 pro (MC)
Vivo V17
Vivo V17 Pro
Vivo V19
Vivo V20
Vivo V20SE
Vivo V21 4G
Vivo V21 5G
Vivo V21E 5G
Vivo V23 5G
Vivo V23E
Vivo V23E (MC)
Vivo V25 5G
Vivo V27E
Vivo V27 (MC)
Vivo V27 5G
Vivo V27E (MC)
Vivo S1 pro
Vivo Z1 Pro
Redmi S2
Redmi 4A
Redmi 4A (MC)
Redmi 4X
Redmi 4X (MC)
Redmi 5
Redmi 5+
Redmi 5X
Redmi 6A black
Redmi 6X
Redmi 6 pro
Redmi 7
Redmi 7A
Redmi 7A (MC)
Redmi 8
Redmi 8A
Redmi 9
Redmi 9 (MC)
Redmi 9A black
Redmi 9A (M Slide)
Redmi 9C
Redmi 9T (M Slot Card)
Redmi 10 5g
Redmi 10A
Redmi 10T
Redmi 11T
Redmi 12T
Redmi 12C
Redmi 12 4G
Redmi Note 4
Redmi Note 4X (MC)
Redmi Note 5A (MC)
Redmi Note 8 pro
Redmi Note 8 pro (MC)
Redmi Note 9 pro
Redmi Note 9 pro (MC)
Redmi Note 10 4G
Redmi Note 10 5G
Redmi Note 10 (MC)
Redmi Note 10 pro 4G
Redmi Note 10 pro 5G
Redmi Note 11S
Redmi Note 11 4G
Redmi Note 11 5G
Redmi Note 11 (MC)
Redmi Note 11 pro 2022 (MC)
Redmi Note 11 pro 4G
Redmi Note 11 pro 5G
Redmi Note 12 5G
Redmi Note 12 pro 5G
Infinix Smart 4
Infinix Smart 5 black
Infinix Smart 6
Infinix Smart 6 (M Slide)
Infinix Smart 7
Infinix Hot 8
Infinix Hot 9
Infinix Hot 9 (MC)
Infinix Hot 9 (M Slide)
Infinix Hot 9play (MC)
Infinix Hot 10
Infinix Hot 10 (MC)
Infinix Hot 10T (M Slide)
Infinix Hot 11 2021
Infinix Hot 11S (M Slide)
Infinix Hot 11S
Infinix Hot 11S NFC
Infinix Hot 11 NFC (M Slide)
Infinix Hot 12
Infinix Hot 12i
Infinix Hot 12 pro
Infinix Hot 20i
Infinix Hot 20
Infinix Hot 20S
Infinix Hot 30
Infinix Hot 9 Play
Infinix Hot 9 Play (M Slide)
Infinix Hot 10 Play
Infinix Hot 11 Play
Infinix Hot 12 Play
Infinix Note 10
Infinix Note 10 Pro
Infinix Note 11S

2 Black, 2 Tosca, 2 Coklat, 2 Red, 1 Blue, 1 pink. 1set =10pcs.

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